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Location-based Search Application

  'www.nearby.sg is a simple and easy-to-use application for discovering what's near you.'
- Chris Lim

'I tried both web and mobile version of www.nearby.sg. The interface is nice and simple. I like it.'
- Louis

'I like the mobile application. It makes searching of nearby POIs so much easier on the go.'
- Ray Wong

'Thanks for this nice application. It's simple, yet comprehensive.'
- Nicole Ye

Nearby Ads + Your Business = Higher Conversion Rate

Welcome to Nearby Ads. www.nearby.sg helps to empower your business to deliver relevant information to its potential customers and drive these customers to your business venue. With Nearby Ads, local business owners can now deliver relevant advertising messages to their targeted audience, drive potential customers to their store and improve their conversion rate significantly.

Improve Your Retail Business With As Little As $1.00 Per Day

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Coming soon... on 14th Nov 2010